*** The 2024 Application will be available Jan. 1, 2024 *


To be eligible for a local chapter scholarship, you must meet the following criteria:


1. Live in the state of Minnesota 

AND  Attend/graduate from:


* Kennedy Secondary School

* Hillcrest Lutheran Academy

* Area Learning Center

* IQ Academy Minnesota (must live in the Fergus Falls Public School District #544)

* Be a Home Schooled Student indicating they live in Fergus Falls Public School District #544


2. Planning to attend a 2 or 4 year college, or accredited vocational/trade school program   ​* If planning to attend a vocational/trade program, the program must be at least 9 months in length, and scholarships will not be transferred to another two-year or four-year post secondary institution.


NOTE:  Students who are awarded full scholarships (tuition and room & board) by post secondary institutions are not eligible to apply for or receive a monetary award from Fergus Falls Area Dollars for Scholars.  If you are awarded a scholarship from Fergus Falls Area Dollars for Scholars and later receive a full scholarship (tuition and room & board), please contact Carla Bjornlie at carlabjornlie@ffdollarsforscholars.org so your award can be transferred to another student.

 Eligible Students:  

You are invited to create a personal student profile. You will fill in all of the same basic information as a paper scholarship application and you will be able to store and update things like your GPA, extra-curricular activities and letters of recommendation throughout your high school and college career-- which means you will only have to fill it out once for multiple opportunities!   Any time your profile matches the criteria for a new scholarship, no matter who is giving it out or where it's from, you will be able to apply without filling out a new form.


Follow the steps below to register with our chapter and create an account.  You do not need to enter your complete application at once, you can return to add information at a later time.  Be sure to have a COMPLETE profile and application status for local chapter scholarships by the deadline on March 1, 2024 @ 11:59pm. 

1.  Create a login.  An email will be sent to you with a link to create your password.  The system does not create a password for you.

2.  Create your profile.  You will complete information in each of the groups listed below.

Basic and Additional Info

School Info

Academic Info

Parent Financial Info (entered by parent, optional for our local chapter, see details below)

Supporting Material

Activities, Awards, Employment



NOTE: Many of the fields are optional; however, the more information you complete the better your chances of being eligible for scholarships through our affiliate, Scholarship America.

Regarding parent financial information:  All of the Fergus Falls Area Dollars for Scholars scholarships are merit-based and do not use parent financial information in awarding scholarships.  Parent financial information may be required for other, non-local, Dollars for Scholars scholarships.


Looking for more information about how to use our website?  Click on the links below to download instructions.

Student Instructions

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