Fergus Falls Area Dollars for Scholars is a locally operated and supported nonprofit, tax-exempt scholarship organization in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. Operated by an all-volunteer board of directors, Dollars for Scholars works to expand access to higher education by involving the community in support of local students.

Fergus Falls Area Dollars for Scholars is a chapter affiliate of Scholarship America, a nationally recognized nonprofit student aid service organization with over 450 chapters. Scholarship America gives local chapters access to additional funds on a national basis and matching scholarship funds.

Quality education is critical to navigating successfully in an increasingly complex world. Rising costs are closing doors to higher education for many individuals in our community. Through Dollars for Scholars we have the opportunity to make a strong, collective statement about the importance of education beyond high school. By providing scholarships, the private sector can open doors for local students graduating from Fergus Falls High School, Hillcrest Lutheran Academy, Fergus Falls Area Learning Center and home schooled students living in Fergus Falls and registered with District 544.