2012 Chapter Newsletter

Letter from Board President, Letter from Executive Director, Donor List, List of Named Scholarships, 2012 Scholarship Recipients, Donation Form

2011 Chapter Newsletter     

Letter from Board President, Donor List, Where are they now?, 2011 Scholarship Recipients, List of Named Scholarships, Donation Form

2010 Chapter Newsletter

Board of Trustees, President's report, Thanks to our donors, 2010 Scholarship Recipients, Perpetual Scholarships, Where they are now, Make a donation

2009 Chapter Newsletter

President's report, Thanks to our donors, 2009 Scholarship Recipients, Perpetual Scholarships, Make a donation

2008 Chapter Newsletter

President's report, Update on the Class of 98, Thanks to our donors, 2008 Scholarship Recipients, Perpetual Scholarships, Make a donation

2007 Chapter Newsletter

President's report, Eagles and Service Clubs continue to support local students, Award rocess, Thanks to our donors, 2007 Scholarship recipients, Perpetual scholarships, Update on the class of '97, Make a dnonation

2006 Chapter Newsletter

President's report, Dollars for Scholars and 544 Foundation: What's the difference?, Where are they now?, Thanks to our donors, 2006 scholarship recipients, Letters home, Donation form

2005 Chapter Newsletter

President's report, 2005 donor list, Student comments, 2005 scholarship recipients, Where are they now?, FYI, Perpetual scholarships, Donation form

2004 Chapter Newsletter

President's report, 2004 donor list, Edna Dierich Hagen Scholarship, Spring Awards Luncheon, New Web Site, 2004 scholarship recipients, Where are they now?, 544 Club Membership, Perpetual scholarships, Sample Family Donation, Eagles one of Biggest Donors, Donation form

2003 Chapter Newsletter

President's report, 2003 donor list, Bechtel Legacy, 2003 scholarship recipients, Mark Olson Rotary Scholarship, Where are they now?, Reunion Concert, New Wall Plaques, Buck-a-Bucket, Perpetual scholarships, Donation form

2002 Chapter Newsletter

President's report, New Heritage Level Scholarship, 2002 donor list, Ten Years and Going Strong 1992-2002, Student comments, 2002 scholarship recipients, Students and Teachers Sponsor Scholarship, Keep a Memory Alive, Join Our 544 Club, Donation form

2001 Chapter Newsletter

President's report, 2001 donor list, Gordon Gerhardson Memorial, Board of Trustees, Buck-A-Bucket, 3rd Annual Basketball fundraiser, One Man's Vision, Past Recipient Profile, 2001 scholarship recipients, Class of 1995 Update, Where are they now?, Treasurer's Report, Volunteer & Contribution Information, Donation form

2000 Chapter Newsletter

President's report, 2000 donor list, A Brief History, 2000 scholarship recipients, Financial Rports, Volunteer & Contribution Information, Community Service Award Recipients, Donation form

1999 Chapter Newsletter

1999 donor list, A Brief History, 1999 scholarship recipients, New Contributions, Student Comments, Watch for the Piggy, Donation form

1994 Chapter Newsletter

1994 donor list, A Brief History, 1994 scholarship recipients, How it Works...Scholarship Guidelines, Innovative Contributions, Correspondence, Prior Year Recipients, Donation form